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The DiFalco Group in Miami, FL: Venture Capital and Other Investment Strategies

Strategic Investors, Strategic Partnerships, & Private Equity

At The DiFalco Group, we believe in investing in companies with long-term growth potential to succeed. This is why we provide strategic investment solutions to qualified companies throughout the U.S. and Latin America. 

We are flexible in our capital deployment and tailor each investment to best augment each portfolio company and establish a true partnership for growth — be it through venture capital, strategic partnerships, direct investment, debt financing, or other traditional private equity avenues.

Interested in Your Company

We understand and analyze the opportunity and risks of business ventures and the necessary capital required to grow and perform. We are eager to find, motivate, and invest in companies that are committed to long-term success, profitable returns, and continual growth.

With our in-depth investment research process, we determine which companies are best suited to our particular fields of expertise, establish strategic partnerships with the help of our team and capital, and tailor each investment and partnership to best fit each investment.

Committed to Your Success

Once we have established a partnership with you, we help in your development by providing key financial advice and help in major company decisions. With our experience and your vision, we work together to help your company prosper.

Experienced in Key Markets

Our experienced and committed team is dedicated to providing the appropriate solution to interested companies in crucial markets. With our team’s experience and expertise, we have successfully invested and established partnership in various industries and market segments throughout the United States and Latin America.

Dedicated to Cross-Border Investments

With a local presence in Miami; New York; Brazil; and Argentina, we are able to successfully find and manage cross-border investments. This enables us to focus on two continents' markets and find companies we believe and invest in throughout the Americas.

Welcoming to All Interested Parties

We welcome companies seeking strategic assistance to grow and assist in their success. Contact The DiFalco Group today at +1 (305) 569-9600 or We are ready to review your business.

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